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2013 San Nicola Pinot Grigio

Jenn’s $10.99 / Retail $14.99

Delicately fragrant and mildly floral, this Pinot Grigio boasts a pale, straw-like yellow color with a hint of reflective gold.  Its silk-like texture, combined with a light-bodied and delicate taste, awakens the palate with intense fruit flavor that is instantly refreshing. This white wine best displays its unique bounty when well chilled.


2013 Picpoul Grain Marin

Jenn’s $14.99 / Retail $17.99

From the heart of the appellation, this is a beautiful example of Picpoul. With flavours of green lemon and exotic fruits, it is dry, well balanced and fresh. A lovely wine as an aperitif or to accompany seafood.


2013 Chateau Cailleteau Bergeron Blanc

Jenn’s $17.99 / Retail $24.99

This Sauvignon blanc has a brilliant light straw color, aromas of citrus blossoms, ripe yellow peach and fresh exotic fruits. This Sauvignon blanc is a true expression of what we love most about the variety.


2013 Grand Gaillard Semillon

Jenn’s $14.99 / Retail $17.99

Plenty of pale green tints. Lifted grassy citrus characters on the aromas. Sweet fruit flavors initially on the palate with some Bickford lime cordial notes. Excellent acid structure, importantly balanced with the fruit, long carry on the finish as well. Perfect in its youth, will bottle age gracefully for those that want a mature style.


2013 Cantina di Custoza Blanc

Jenn’s $9.99 / Retail $14.99

Straw yellow with green highlights. Very clean nose with intense, fresh tropical fruit and the vegetal aromas. Good structure with lively acidity, dry and medium length finish. Ideal with pastas, risottos as well as seafood or ­crustaceans.


2013 Cantina di Custoza Bardolino

Jenn’s $9.99 / Retail $14.99

Intense ruby-red color with a fruity bouquet with red berry notes. Very well structured, mellow, long lasting flavor with smooth, velvety tannins.


2012 Pierre Andre Macon

Jenn’s $24.99 / Retail $32.99

The Macon Villages Pierre Andre is pale yellow in color and reveals a pretty nose of white fruits. In the mouth it is round and tasty with a peppery touch.


2013 Domaine Sylvain Vouvray

Jenn’s $19.99 / Retail $24.99

Domaine Sylvain Vouvray is very appreciated for its balance acidity-sugar. This semi dry wine with delicate wooded overtones comes from the Chenin Blanc varietal. Those linden and honeysuckle fragrances are finely shaded by a mineral point. A good balance mouth highlights at the end wonderful smells of white fruits.


2012 Chateau Cailleteau Bergeron Rouge

Jenn’s $17.99 / Retail $24.99

Cailleteau Bergeron 2012 is an appealing wine, with fruit and concentration, 2 main characteristics of Blaye wines, but also elegant which is a mark of our wine.

The grapes for this cuvee 2012 came from 20 years old vineyard. It is a dense wine, complex and fresh, pleasant to drink right away, but with great potential for ageing and improving with time.


2011 Chateau de Rieufret Graves Rouge

Jenn’s $22.99 / Retail $27.99

Beautiful ruby color, a pleasing and complex bouquet of toasted bread and ripe black fruits. The attack is full-bodied with silky smooth tannins.


2012 Chateau les Moutins Rouge

Jenn’s $12.99 / Retail $16.99

Intense cherry red color

Floral nose and red fruit (blackberry and currant)

Round and supple tannins, good length


2013 Chateau les Moutins Blanc

Jenn’s $12.99 / Retail $16.99

This is a very pleasant, well-balanced, already accessible and stimulating Sauvignon Blanc of good intensity and quality with lovely citrus flavors also in the finish and aftertaste.


2009 Thuerry L’Exception Cabernet

Jenn’s $34.99 / Retail $39.99

Tar and violets position in an initial formation that is simultaneously insistent and lush. A juicy flow of broad, inky strokes of tar, black strap molasses and basil paint a portrait of a sturdy, long-lasting keeper.


2013 La Ferme de Gicon Cotes du Rhone Rouge

Jenn’s $13.99 / Retail $17.99

Deep and dark red. Shiny. Aromas of fresh fruits with red berries and spices. Full, round and racy. Rounded and smooth tannins. A full-bodied, rich and intensely aromatic wine.


2013 La Ferme de Gicon Cotes du Rhone Blanc

Jenn’s $13.99 / Retail $17.99

The Blanc shows bright yellow color with tints of green. Aromas of green fruit, wheat, hazelnuts. On the palate, soft, delicate, aromatic mouthfeel.

If you enjoy quaffable wines, this one is ideal as an aperitif or paired with a simple meal



The following wines a very new and I could not find any tasting notes. The wines are solid and a great value.


2013 Pierre Brune Sauvignon Blanc

Jenn’s $10.99 / Retail $14.99


2013 Pierre Brune Chardonnay

Jenn’s $10.99 / Retail $14.99


2013 Pierre Brune Merlot

Jenn’s $10.99 / Retail $14.99


2013 Pierre Brune Cabernet Sauvignon

Jenn’s $10.99 / Retail $14.99






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